Where to get free domain names?

Without a domain name, a person does not have a appropriate method to find a internet site. The only problem is domain names cost money. Granted, if someone is running one or two web sites, the price of a domain name, (which ranges from $1.00 to $35), in all probability Is not too high. However, what if one is an enthusiastic marketer, making money from hundreds of web sites? Even the minimal domain name fees can add up. This is why IM gurus may like to look at signing for free domain names. Three types of free domain name exist: third level domain names, first level domain names on lesser used extensions and first level domain names with conventional extensions.

The first type of free domain name is called a third level domain name. This is a domain name that is generally allotted by free web hosting companies or affiliate programs. However, there is a downside to this type of domain name. This downside affects the first level domain name (usually the company’s name) being forced to be a component of the third level domain name. For instance, consider a site made on Geocities.

Whenever a webmaster selects ‘web hosting’ as their third level domain name, the following would constitute the syntax: Geocities.com/webhosting. Such a domain name is not very handy for prospective visitors, so webmasters may prefer to look at redirecting these types of URLs to some other variants of free domain names.

The second type of free domain name is a first level domain name that carries an extension that is not as common in the Internet world. Cases are the types of free domain names proffered by Dot.tk or Free Domain.co. The extensions provided from these companies are .tk and .co.nr, respectively. These are far from a .com or a .net, but they are not as awkward to use as a third level domain name. The important aim is going to be making sure the initial domain name is short and easy to recollect, in order that prospective visitants will not be as offset by the strange extension.

Lastly, there are free domain names on extensions that are more commonly used such as .com or .org. To discover these, someone has to do some detective work. Occasionally individuals will offer them up for free, as they are about to expire in any event. A person can try to ascertain these situations through discussion boards devoted to webmasters. Other times, companies will offer these types of free domain names since they are getting free advertisement space. What takes place is every time the free domain name is utilized, a pop-up ad will come out on the person’s internet site. This is how the free domain name company gets their income.

In closing, free domain names can be an excellent option for someone requiring domains for a lot of websites. The better ones are those in which a person can obtain a first level domain, although a third level domain name is better than nothing. To sign up for a free domain name, one can look for for free domain name companies on the World Wide Web.

4 thoughts on “Where to get free domain names?”

  1. I would never recommend getting free domain names unless you are really desperate. I’ve lost a few sites because the domain names are eventually sold off to anyone who is willing to pay money for them. It can be frustrating.

  2. Geocities is dead. Free website hosting and/or domain name is not good at all if it’s for business website. 1$ to 35$ is not expensive at all, though I think it depends on how catchy the domain name is. Sometimes it could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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