Is shared web hosting a suitable choice for you?

At any given point of time when a company or an individual decides to acquire the services of a web hosting provider there are various options that are available to them in terms of the type of web hosting services that they would like to go for. These can range from Linux web hosting to Windows based to dedicated web hosting to shared webhosting. In this article we are going to discuss shared webhosting and based on the various pros and cons, determine whether shared web hosting is a suitable choice for you.

Simply defined, shared webhosting is a situation where you have to share server space with other clients of a webhosting company. In most cases you can end up sharing server space with around 500 clients or more. The operating system as well as the software used is the same for all clients. There are certain factors that go in favor of a shared webhosting service.

The first and most important advantage of a shared webhosting service is the price. This is the cheapest form of webhosting available and hence is quite affordable. You can consider whether shared webhosting is a suitable choice for you based on the fact that you will not have to spend too much to avail of this service. It is a particularly good option if you have just started out and want to gain some experience in the initial stages. Another factor that goes in favor of shared webhosting is the fact that is it relatively easy and quick to set up. You can have your website up and running in no time and because it is so easy to set up you do not really need to be too strong technically There is no maintenance cost as it is all inclusive of the price.

A big factor that determines whether shared webhosting is a suitable choice for you is the size of your website. It is definitely a preferred option for small websites as the resources required are not too many. Also, shared webhosting comes with a variety of features at a reasonable price. These features could range from programming language support to multiple email accounts.

While there are various factors that can be rated as pros of shared webhosting there are a few downsides as well. The biggest factor that goes against shared webhosting is the lack of security. Chances of hacking go up due to the fact that there are various websites stationed on the same server. Also, difficulties can be encountered in the backup process due to the large number of websites. If the size of your website is big then shared webhosting is not a suitable choice for you. The resources available in this case are quite limited as a number of websites are feeding off the same source. Limited storage, bandwidth and a shared CPU can cause certain issues.

Another disadvantage that you end up facing with shared webhosting is the fact that you can only use software that is provided by them and are not allowed to use your own. This can limit your potential and hamper the growth of your website.

Just as there are two sides to every coin, shared webhosting too has its two faces for you to consider. Based on the abovementioned facts you can make an informed decision about whether shared webhosting is a suitable choice for you on not. Good luck!

One thought on “Is shared web hosting a suitable choice for you?”

  1. Nice article, but you are off on a couple of things.

    Shared Hosting may or may not restrict what software you can install based on what services the hosting company offers. Our customers can only used applications based on PHP for example. But no shared hosting company restricts the client to software it provides. This would describe a Software As A Service (SaaS) company instead.

    Other special considerations would be the use to which shared hosting is to be put. Ecommerce companies have special security needs. Clients looking to host a web store should look at whether the hosting firm offers dedicated IP Addresses and SSL support. A premium should be put on PCI Readiness – ask the host if they are prepared to manage the needs of a PCI compliant website.

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