Proven basic guidelines to web hosting

Web hosting can simply be defined as an internet hosting service which allows individuals and companies to make their websites available to people via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that lease out space on their servers to their clients along with internet connectivity through a data centre. In this article we are going to discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding webhosting services. In other words, this can be treated as a newbie’s guide to web hosting.

 Free Web Hosting: Going for a web host that allows you to host your website for free is an option to consider only when you are going to use your website for fun. Any sort of business or information providing venture should only be hosted on a paid server. This is the first rule towards a newbie’s guide for web hosting. These free servers are inferior services and you will end up with a lot of advertisements and annoying pop-ups on your site. Also, the internet connectivity provided is not up to the mark. There is no control over the kind of ads that are going to be placed on your site. In the case of paid web hosting the only ads that will show up on your site are the ones that you put there. Along with this the bandwidth and allowance of storage provided by a free web hosting service is very limited usually between 500mb to 5 GB. If you end up exceeding this limit your website is suspended for a month. In addition t this there might also be a limit on the size of the pages that you can build for you site.

Space: Anyone who is new to the world of web hosting would like to know how much space would be enough to host their website. In most case 100 megabytes is more than enough as very few websites ever go beyond that. Most of the good website hosting companies over anything between 1000 megabytes to 2000 megabytes of space. This is more than enough and covers most situations.

Payment: The next question to be answered on this newbie’s guide to webhosting is regarding payment. In other words, how much should one be paying for web space. The range in this case is fairly wide going from anything like $ 2.50 to $500.00. However, a higher price does not necessarily mean better service. The idea is to do some research, look at some reviews and also maybe go through some websites that are already being hosted on the particular server that you are considering. If they load quick enough and you encounter no problems then you know that you are making a good choice. Otherwise, look for a new one.

Domain name: A domain name with carefully chosen keywords is important in case you are going to depend on search engines for traffic. A lot of web hosting companies offer free domain names but before you accept this offer be sure to know who holds the ownership rights to the domain name. You should be able to own your domain name because if at some point you decide to change your web host you should be able to purchase the domain name off them. In order to register your domain name you need to take membership with the web host which in turn will give you access to a control panel where you ca mange your account.

Bandwidth: Finally, another must on the newbie’s guide to web hosting is the amount of bandwidth that the web host is offering. It is your bandwidth that determines how much traffic is allowed onto your website in a given period of time and the more the more the traffic the higher the bandwidth consumed. More bandwidth is required for a high traffic website so shop accordingly.

Use the abovementioned guidelines in order to look for a good web hosting service that will allow you to host your website successfully and satisfactorily.

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