Difference between free and paid web hosting services

From the time internet gained popularity, the number of websites has increased in leaps and bounds. With more and more organizations trying hard to increase their online presence, the growth rate of websites will only get higher. Every website needs a host to be viewed by the people on the internet. Web site owners can either host their site on their own server or use the services of web hosting company which is a much better way as it reduces your complexity and helps you in smooth functionality.

Selecting the web host is an important task and due efforts should be given on researching the web host companies. Web host companies provide two options to the web site owner they can either host their web site freely with limited resources or used paid services for hosting their web site with added and advanced features.

In order to select the type of services for your website you should first understand the basic differences between them.

1. Price

As the name suggests free web hosting services does not charge anything for hosting a website. They provide the website owner website hosting with limited services. These limitations can be removed by upgrading web hosting services from free to paid services.

2. Storage Capacity / Space

Space is an important aspect for the growth of your website. Free web hosting services usually limit the amount of web space required by your web site or the number of pages your website can have on the server whereas space is not a consideration when you are using paid web hosting services.
With the paid services you can have as many pictures and videos with out any problem of space which is necessary for the growth of your website.

3. Web Traffic

Web traffic is not a major issue if your website is new or is generally used by few people in that case free web hosting is the best option but in cases where your website is popular and have large number of daily viewers then you must subscribe to the paid services as free hosting services limits the number of people visiting your website. This limitation can seriously dent your website reputation and therefore in order to have uninterrupted services one should use only paid web hosting services.

4. Email Registration

Free web hosting services provides you with only 2 – 5 email accounts which can only be used for personal use. In order to have multiple email accounts one must use the paid web hosting services.

5. Speed

One of the most important aspects of web hosting is the bandwidth capacity. This capacity determines the speed of data transfer from the web server to the user viewing your website. Paid web hosting services provide much greater speed than free web services which are crucial for the success of your website.

6. Control

Most free web hosting services does not provide any control on your website. They do not allow you to use your domain name and you are forced to use a sub domain. This can be acceptable for personal website but will seriously undermine your reputation if you are running a commercial website.

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